The Why

Coming to MIT from Greece was truly a life-altering experience, not only educationally and professionally but also personally, as that’s where I met my future wife, Helen (in fact, we met during the organic chemistry class). My education at MIT and beyond has been entirely funded by financial aid, which was made possible only because of the generosity of others before me. MIT has a special place in my heart and giving back to the school has become part of who I am.

Helen and I are delighted and proud to offer the Introduction to Medicine and Surgery externship to MIT students through the Student/Alumni Externship Program. The externship, now in its 17th year, is offered during MIT’s Independent Activities Period each January. Helen and I consider the opportunity to interact with students and contribute towards their education outside of the classroom is truly a gift to ourselves.

We hope you enjoy this short video that highlights the experience and value of the externship.

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